What can I say about yesterday?

Yesterday was a dream I will never wake from, and yet so real. I am grounded in love and community. John Lennon’s piano was on my lawn and in my dining room. You should have seen sweet wonderful Steve Schalchlin‘s hands dance on that piano, and heard him sing “Imagine”, “Will It Always Be Like …

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Yesterday October 7th was my 54th birthday. Yow.

Alec and I met Catherine for an early breakfast at Darby’s restaurant downtown. Later Alec and I went to some politial events. First in the early afternoon we went to a debate between three ‘minor party’ candidates for the U.S. Senate: Green Party candidate Aaron Dixon, Libertarian Party candidate Bruce Guthrie, and Independent Robin Adair. …

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Yesterday – Noel’s housewarming and early birthday party

Yesterday was Noel’s belated housewarming party and an early 30th birthday party since he will be on a vacation road trip on his actual birthday. Catherine and Jason (one of Noel’s college housemates who lives here in Olympia) and I drove up for it. Alec didn’t feel well so he stayed home. His left side …

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