Video: How I Got To Play John Lennon’s IMAGINE Piano.

Steve Schalchlin describes “how a simple Internet posting of a friend’s son’s death (Bill Clayton) turned into the opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to pop star George Michael and Kenny Goss, a chance to play the piano upon which John Lennon wrote the song “Imagine.” The interview is by our friend Tracey Thornton.

Holey Moley! The front page of today’s Wall Street Journal does the Imagine Piano Peace Project

The piano on which John Lennon composed “Imagine,” his famous ode to peace and healing, is on a yearlong magical mystery tour of the U.S. with a macabre twist. The nutmeg-colored Steinway upright, believed to have been in Mr. Lennon’s country home in Ascot, England, is crisscrossing the country to show up at some of …

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Steve Schalchlin: regarding John Lennon’s piano.

This was written by Steve Schalchlin on May 12th. It is re-published here with his permission. (Thank you, Steve!) See it also on his blog with photographs. Thoughts about John Lennon’s Piano. [On May 8th, 2007, I was invited to play and sing on John Lennon’s piano, the one upon which he wrote the song, …

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What can I say about yesterday?

Yesterday was a dream I will never wake from, and yet so real. I am grounded in love and community. John Lennon’s piano was on my lawn and in my dining room. You should have seen sweet wonderful Steve Schalchlin‘s hands dance on that piano, and heard him sing “Imagine”, “Will It Always Be Like …

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The Proverbial Cat is out of the Bag ~ Lennon’s Piano

Steve Schalchlin has already posted about it twice in his blog. This is really happening on Tuesday ~ Wow! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (To be will distributed on the U.S.1 and U.K. wires first thing Monday morning.)CONTACT: Catharine FlaggThe Buzzell Company214-219-9191 Caroline True469-348-4342 011-44-7774-981111 THE PIANO ON WHICH JOHN LENNON COMPOSED THE SONG ‘IMAGINE’ …

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