Yesterday October 7th was my 54th birthday. Yow.

Alec and I met Catherine for an early breakfast at Darby’s restaurant downtown.

Later Alec and I went to some politial events.

First in the early afternoon we went to a debate between three ‘minor party’ candidates for the U.S. Senate: Green Party candidate Aaron Dixon, Libertarian Party candidate Bruce Guthrie, and Independent Robin Adair. Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell and Republican Mike McGavick were also invited but declined to attend.

Dixon said the United States has a history of terrorism against American Indians and African slaves and has continued with its foreign policy agenda of colonization during the past 150 years.

“We have to create a policy that truly wants to reach out to other cultures,” he said.

Read the article: Minor parties debate issues – Senate candidates sound off on war, outsourcing and more ~ by Diane Huber ~ The Olympian ~ October 8, 2006

Later yesterday Alec and I a went to the “Meet the Candidate” party social will be held at Plenty! restaurant downtown where we got to chat with Aaron and others and where E. Mandisa Subira (a spoken word artist), Native American singer “Sunshine” performed wonderfully.

I’m supporting Aaron Dixon.


See Elect Aaron Dixon for U.S. Senate (G-WA)
Aaron Has a MySpace Page!

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  1. Happy Birthday Gabi. Got you note today and this is the first blog I have even gotten into. I have a Native American friend (Kiowa) and we are working with Native American gay kids (more that I thought their might be). I am also still working furiously with Central Coast PFLAG (CA). Glad you enjoyed the Dutch fathers video. Rick Tibben


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