I make art!

These galleries below include some of my new work which is all created digitally (so far), and my older work which mostly is not.

I studied drawing and painting and then film and animation in college in the 1980s when I was in my 30s. That early work is mostly ink, crayon and/or marker on paper. After college, I did a lot of graphic design and web design for others, and in 2016 when I was 64 years old I purchased an iPad Pro and started making art for myself again.

My husband Alec Clayton, novelist, artist, theater and art critic, and author of What the Heck is a Frame-Pedestal Aesthetic? and As If Art Matters: Modern and post modern art reviews and commentary, wrote on January 9, 2023:

Most of her work is figurative, picturing distorted and often comical images of animals and people, sometimes combined with words, and less frequently purely abstract paintings with pixels. There is ample historic precedence for such work. First to come to mind are The Hairy Who, and the Chicago Imagists: Jim Nutt, Ed Paschke, Gladys Nilsson; the great Phillip Guston, drawings by Saul Steinberg, and the painted poems of Kenneth Patchen, whom she acknowledges as an early and continuing influence.

— Alec Clayton in Gabi’s Art is the Real Deal (opens in a new tab, and here as a PDF file).

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A Quaker-Friends Design Collection

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Old Works:

Many of my images are — or can be — available as prints or on t-shirts and more. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more using this contact form.

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