I make art!

These galleries include some of my new work which is all created digitally (so far) and older work which mostly is not.
I studied drawing and painting and then film and animation in college in the 1980s in my 30s. That early work is mostly ink, crayon and/or marker on paper. After college, I wound up doing a lot of graphic design and web design for others. In 2016 when I was 64 years old I purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and started making art for myself again. Enjoy!

Art and Words Gallery

Creature Gallery

Abstractions Gallery

Figures Gallery

Portraits Gallery

A Quaker-Friends Design Collection

Older Work:
Black and White Abstracts Gallery

Older Work:
Color Abstracts Gallery

Older Work:
Digital Manipulations

Old Works:
Faces Gallery

Old Works:

Old Works:

Many of my images are — or can be — available as prints or on t-shirts and more. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more using this contact form.

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