Forty Years from Flashpoint Stonewall

In her blog Trans Political Vanessa Edwards Foster writes: As the LGBT community been enrapt in Pride celebrations in numerous cities across the globe this month, there’s been plenty of news that’s hit the wires. Most all of it in America has centered around Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (a campaign promise by President Barack Obama …

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Video: How I Got To Play John Lennon’s IMAGINE Piano.

Steve Schalchlin describes “how a simple Internet posting of a friend’s son’s death (Bill Clayton) turned into the opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to pop star George Michael and Kenny Goss, a chance to play the piano upon which John Lennon wrote the song “Imagine.” The interview is by our friend Tracey Thornton.

A special production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in Olympia

Alec and I hope to see this show and I wanted to help spread the word. Theater Artists Olympia is pleased to present ‘Romeo and Juliet’ done with a fresh, intriguing perspective: the title roles are played by two young men.The director, Chris Cantrell, has emphasized that this is not a “drag show,” but a …

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