Fresh Air on NPR: Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada Refuses to Deploy to Iraq

January 25, 2007 · Politics & SocietyOfficer Refused to Deploy to Iraq Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada is the first American officer to refuse to deploy to Iraq on the grounds that he thinks the war is illegal. He is joined by one of his lawyers, Eric Seitz, a civillian. Watada is now being court-martialed for …

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Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions

President George W. Bush prides himself on “making tough decisions.” But many are sensing something seriously troubling, even psychologically unbalanced, about the president as a decision-maker. They are right. Because of a psychological dynamic swirling around deeply hidden feelings of inadequacy, the president has been driven to make increasingly incompetent and risky decisions. This dynamic …

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