Video: How I Got To Play John Lennon’s IMAGINE Piano.

Steve Schalchlin describes “how a simple Internet posting of a friend’s son’s death (Bill Clayton) turned into the opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to pop star George Michael and Kenny Goss, a chance to play the piano upon which John Lennon wrote the song “Imagine.” The interview is by our friend Tracey Thornton.

Steve Schalchlin is coming to Olympia in May!

Steve Schalchlin is coming to Olympia to do a very special Mother’s Day concert for PFLAG-Olympia! WooHoo! Can you tell I’m really happy about this?! In his Friday, April 03, 2009 blogging: Personal Appearances. Steve wrote: This whole new wave of personal appearances, culminating in the creation and design of a new live solo concert, …

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Get thee… or family and friends to San Francisco for this!

Check it out!Music as an alternative to violenceand thisS.F. Gay Men’s Chorus marks 30 years I am going with Alec. Leaving today and staying with my sister. If you can get to this I recommend it. If you know others near there… tell them. Okay, I am off the machine to sync it for the …

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Why we are going to be in San Francisco on December 1st

In his blog post Bay Area Reporter on “‘New World Waking!” today Steve Schalchlin wrote: Just posted: A terrific article by Richard Dodds in the Bay Area Reporter on New World Waking! When we did the interview I wasn’t sure I was making any sense at all. It was my first time to discuss the …

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Holey Moley! The front page of today’s Wall Street Journal does the Imagine Piano Peace Project

The piano on which John Lennon composed “Imagine,” his famous ode to peace and healing, is on a yearlong magical mystery tour of the U.S. with a macabre twist. The nutmeg-colored Steinway upright, believed to have been in Mr. Lennon’s country home in Ascot, England, is crisscrossing the country to show up at some of …

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Photos of the Imagine Piano in Olympia

Photos are posted now on the ClaytonWorks flicker site of when the Imagine Piano was in Olympia on May 8th. See To see more about the Imagine Piano Peace Project in Olympia, on this page scroll down to Labels in the green column on the right and click on Lennon Piano. Then read from …

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Steve Schalchlin ~ Lennon Piano Video Diary Part #1

On Saturday, May 26, 2007 Steve Schalchlin wrote in his blog Although I posted a music video of the Lennon Piano visit to the Clayton’s home in Olympia previously, I hadn’t, until now, edited the actual video diary footage. Finally, today, after giving myself a little distance from it, began putting it together. Here is …

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