A friend asked me tonight “How would you describe Noel?”

Here is my answer:

  • Busy!!
  • Cute.
  • Smart.
  • Sweet, serious, good sense of humor.
  • Hard worker.
  • Likes calculus – almost did a minor in physics with calculus but didn’t when he found out it would take an extra year of college.
  • Pretty quiet.
  • Used to be VERY shy as a little kid – until he discovered acting at 9
  • Loves to read, loves music, theater, ballet, opera.
  • And his cat Linus.
  • He can cook! And bake. He has been vegetatarian since high school.
  • Quite healthy. Gets a good bit of excersize. Walks or bikes to work usually. Learned rock climbing.

Of course I know I’m a bit biased. But he IS all that and more.

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