Olympian: Neo-Nazis speak into sea of opponents ~ Alec: We Got Nazis & what I said at the vigil later

Olympian: Neo-Nazis speak into sea of opponents 500 foes, 200 troopers, 13 National Socialist Movement followers at rally About 500 protesters drowned out 13 neo-Nazis Monday at the Capitol. The two groups were separated from each other by helmeted, crowd-control-equipped troopers. Throughout the day, about 200 troopers were on duty, the largest force of Washington …

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Happy Birthday Noel!

Noel turned 30 today. He is somewhere in California on a road trip vacation with his friend Patty. We called this morning and left a message on his phone, and Alec sang “Happy Birthday” for him. 🙂 Here is a photo collage I made years ago for my website, and a recent photograph. Happy birthday …

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Yesterday – Noel’s housewarming and early birthday party

Yesterday was Noel’s belated housewarming party and an early 30th birthday party since he will be on a vacation road trip on his actual birthday. Catherine and Jason (one of Noel’s college housemates who lives here in Olympia) and I drove up for it. Alec didn’t feel well so he stayed home. His left side …

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Tommorrow is the eleventh anniversary of the day our son Bill died.

Alec, Catherine and I are going to Seattle first for dinner with Noel and then to Town Hall Seattle. The evening there will be opened by The Righteous Mothers. Then Cindy Sheehan and Anthony Arnove will speak. The Righteous Mothers are four female progressive feminist folk musicians based in the Olympia area. They have fantastic …

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welcome Linus!

email from Noel this morning: There is a new member of the family. I finally got around to adopting a cat. His name is Linus. He’s 2 years old and he’s currently adjusting to his new home by hiding in the closet. I’ve attached a picture.

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