Last night at Town Hall Seattle

It was a good night. First we went to Noel’s place and met Linus the cat who hid from us in the closet. Catherine got him to purr but he didn’t come out to meet Alec and me.

Then out to dinner and to Town Hall Seattle. The Righteous Mothers were excellent ~ they sang “Pesky Angels” and other songs I did and didn’t know. Anthony Arnove had some interesting things to say about our situation in Iraq and around the world, and his work with Howard Zinn. Cindy Sheehan spoke about her son Casey’s death and the death and injury of so many.

Back to Noel’s place for coffee and dessert (bad for me ~ not what I should have had) and this time Linus did come out of the closet 🙂 and played with a string feather toy and let us scratch him.

Then home to collapse into bed after midnight. That is late for us these days.

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