Mourning the death and celebrating the life of Carolyn Wagner

Carolyn Wagner died on January 18th. Wow, its been two months tomorrow. Carolyn co-founded Families United Against Hate with me, and she was an amazing woman and a wonderful friend. We have a memorial set up on the FUAH website and it says much more than I can here, so I invite you to read …

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Living InThe Bonus Round: Singing Gabi’s Song in New World Waking.

Wow, I want to share this which Steve Schalchlin just posted on his blog this morning:Living InThe Bonus Round: Singing Gabi’s Song in New World Waking. Thank you Steve, Stephen and everyone. Being there for that concert was amazing and such a powerful experience for us.

Fat in Mississippi?

Alec and I were watching the news on Monday morning when a crazy story was announced. It seems that Mississippi legislators have proposed a state law to ban restaurants from serving fat people. Alec immediately blogged about it: No mo fat Here is some info from the article: Mississippi May Ban Restaurant Sales to the …

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Sasha Cohen (comedian) as gay Austrian

We went to see Borat after dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s not the kind of movie I usually enjoy. I cringed and laughed through it. Borat is actually English comedian Sasha Cohen in real life. My friend Carolyn Wagner sent me this today. It’s Sasha Cohen playing Bruno, an Austrian gay reporter, interviewing the pastor of …

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The Michigan Women’s Music Festival Continues to Promote Discrimination

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Families United Against Hate (FUAH) Contacts: Carolyn Wagner (479) 577-3069 Gabi Clayton (360) 888-5291 email: website: September 5, 2006 Families United Against Hate was elated to hear that the “Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival” had ended their 31 year long policy of discrimination toward transgender women. This was not to last, …

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