Tommorrow is the eleventh anniversary of the day our son Bill died.

Alec, Catherine and I are going to Seattle first for dinner with Noel and then to Town Hall Seattle. The evening there will be opened by The Righteous Mothers. Then Cindy Sheehan and Anthony Arnove will speak.

The Righteous Mothers are four female progressive feminist folk musicians based in the Olympia area. They have fantastic songs including: “Pesky Angels” one of my favorites.

Cindy Sheehan became a prominent American anti-Iraq War activist after the death of her son, Casey Sheehan, who was serving in Iraq. I so admire her. It will be an honor to be in the same room. She is the author of Not One More Mother’s Child and contributor to 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military.

Anthony Arnove is the co-editor with Howard Zinn of Voices of a People’s History of the United States (Seven Stories), the long-awaited primary-source companion to A People’s History of the United States – ( “People’s History” is a great book I read many years ago!)

I wish Bill could be there with us.

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  1. Gabi. Great blog, though I am sorry to come across it on a day with such a sad and solemn posting. I’m truly sorry to hear about your son, and the sickening intolerance that sadly still exists 10 years later (no thanks to our current Presdient and his goons).
    I am a student living in Barcelona, but a Pacific Northwesterner by birth, so I will definitely keep on eye on your blog to stay abreast of what is going on in the progressive heart of America.


  2. Gabi, while there are no words that anyone can say to help with the loss of a child, please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. You may have lost a son, but you gained a new family. +Peace+ -Kibs


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