Sasha Cohen (comedian) as gay Austrian

We went to see Borat after dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s not the kind of movie I usually enjoy. I cringed and laughed through it.

Borat is actually English comedian Sasha Cohen in real life.

My friend Carolyn Wagner sent me this today. It’s Sasha Cohen playing Bruno, an Austrian gay reporter, interviewing the pastor of a church in Little Rock, Arkansas:


Borat, Cowboys & Gay Marriage

I knew I was in love with Borat—the phony “reporter” from Kazakhstan, whose psuedo-docucomedy is in theaters now—the moment he tried to greet a Texas rodeo owner with a kiss. The man, a redneck in his ’60s, jumped back like he’d been stung by a wasp and immediately went into a little fairy prance, explaining that only “people like this” kissed each other.

Borat, puzzled, pressed him. The guy explained, “Homosexuals. You know…” He said, flitting a little more effeminately.

Borat, mock horrified, let the guy know that in his country, homosexuals are executed.

The cowboy, thinking he has a fellow homo-hatin’ comrade in the foreigner, then said, conspiratorially, “Well, we’re tryin’ to do that here…AND WE WILL!”

Read the rest of Borat, Cowboys & Gay Marriage ~ Film exposes home-town homo-haters | Opinion piece by my friend Steve Schalchlin | Nov. 27, 2006 in The New York Blade

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