Is There a Pacifist Response to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine?

I’m really looking at this right now as someone who is a Quaker and pacifist. On February 28, 2022 I shared a 2019 post on Facebook with photos of 19-year-old Ukrainian soldiers who have been killed and words, “It hurts… It’s not when your son doesn’t want to do his homework, but when he gives …

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Dodging Puddles – by Noel Clayton

  Our son Noel Clayton wrote and posted this on Facebook on October 31, 2012. I have his permission to share it, and I added the photos of Noel and Bill…————————————————————–I missed it. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a milestone came and went without comment. Many runners will tell you of …

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How would you reply?

I woke up this morning to this email: Subject: about BillDate: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 09:28:47 +0000From: alex smith (email address deleted by Gabi)To: I hope you now see that you’re rebellion against God’s laws led to your son’s death. If you really loved your son, you would not have led him on a …

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