Today is (or would have been) Bill Clayton’s 43rd birthday

Bill was born on January 23, 1978 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And he died by his own hand in Olympia, Washington at 17 years old on May 8, 1995. Not completely by his own hand. His story is far more complicated than that – wonderful and impish early on and then a nightmare storm at the end that he was not able to withstand.
His story, mostly about the nightmare – his and then ours – is here if you want to know it. But first, because we do our best to honor his life every day, here are some photos of who he was that may give you an inkling of who we all lost 9392 days ago.

Noel and Bill Clayton, 1978.
Noel and Bill Clayton, 1978.
Bill Clayton, 1988, his fingerprints in 1st grade, and his art: “Follow Your Bliss” and print “From Les Misérables – Look down, look down, don’t look them in the eye, look down, look down, your here until you die.”
Bill Clayton, 1978-1995.

3 thoughts on “Today is (or would have been) Bill Clayton’s 43rd birthday”

  1. Though I never met him it is obvious he was a handsome, talented, insightful young man. Gone far too soon. I am so sorry Gabi and Alec. So so sorry.

  2. Hi Gabi I remember Bill even though I did not get to know him that well. He was a very nice young man and his death was a tragedy and a loss Sincerely Michelle Playter aka Derek Hoffman’s sister


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