Young People In Action, Now and Past

I am so proud of the young people who marched yesterday. I had to work but listened on the radio there.

And remembered Bill.

Photo of Bill Clayton about 1990.
Bill Clayton about 1990

This was written on 01/16/91 when he was just under 13 years old:

“I have not yet written about what is happening in this world, in this country, and in my life in Olympia as it spins around the crisis we are in. I am not sure why I have avoided the subject. The day after my last entry I went to a peace rally with Catherine, Noel and Bill at the State Capitol. Alec had to work. I think it was that night, at that rally, that it really hit me what it was possible that we are headed into.

“The war has begun. I feel shaky and cold. I was home with Bill, who had just come home from a school walkout for peace. About 100 kids from his school went to the Capitol this afternoon. I got a call from a school counselor saying – to the answering machine – that Bill had left school without permission. A little later Catherine heard on KAOS radio that a large group of middle school kids met up with some high school kids at the Capitol. When Bill came home I told him I was proud of him – and I am.

“Anyway, Bill and I were watching the news when the attack of Baghdad was announced. We just looked at each other, hugged, held hands and watched the news.”

This is part of my “Prelude to Bill’s Story” which is here:

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