Why we are going to be in San Francisco on December 1st

In his blog post Bay Area Reporter on “‘New World Waking!” today Steve Schalchlin wrote:

Just posted: A terrific article by Richard Dodds in the Bay Area Reporter on New World Waking! When we did the interview I wasn’t sure I was making any sense at all. It was my first time to discuss the piece and I felt completely inarticulate. But, happily, Richard managed to make sense of my ramblings and actually made me sound like I knew what the hell I was talking about.

Please read:
Music as an alternative to violence – ‘New World Waking’ premieres in a World AIDS Day concert
by Richard Dodds – 11/27/2008 – Bay Area Reporter – San Francisco.

The article mentions Alec and I and Bill and the Lennon’s piano being here at our house with Steve.

And we get to visit with my sister and brother too. Thanks to my sis for letting us stay with her! She is going with us to the concert.

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