Colbert Gets Serious at Dinner for Bush and White House Correspondents

Saturday night comic and journalist Stephen Colbert the lampooned President Bush when he performed at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Click here to read Stephen Colbert’s Take at the White House Correspondents Dinner ~ by Daily Kos, on the Common Dreams website. Editor & Publisher published: Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner …

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Still one of my heros ~ Howard Zinn!

Ever since I read “A People’s History of the United States” Howard Zinn has been admired by me for telling the truth, sometimes when very few others were doing so. An article today: War on Iraq: Removing America’s Blindersby Howard Zinn~ The Progressive ~ April 24, 2006 If Americans were more aware of how often …

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May Day ~ tommorrow May 1st

Tomorrow is May Day and a national boycott is planned. Here are articles I recommend: Why I Will Boycott on May 1by César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández ~ AlterNet. ~ April 28, 2006. I will stand with my immigrant sisters and brothers because I value their contribution to America, and because their work makes my privilege …

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Cover the Uninsured Week ~ May 1-7 2006

Alec and I don’t have health insurance. We work on contract and also are self-employed. He had open heart surgery in 2002. I have epilepsy (adult onset starting in 1998 and I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. So we are private pay on everything – doctors, medicine, hospital stays etc. During …

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welcome Linus!

email from Noel this morning: There is a new member of the family. I finally got around to adopting a cat. His name is Linus. He’s 2 years old and he’s currently adjusting to his new home by hiding in the closet. I’ve attached a picture.

“Dear Mr. President” by Pink and The The Indigo Girls

Here is a great new song for our times “Dear Mr. President” by Pink ~ sung live with the Indigo Girls on Pink’s new album, I’m Not Dead. See the online video of the song in concert here: and read the lyrics here:

Neil Young “Living With War”

In the past Neil Young supported Mr. Bush. He is now against the war, speaking out and will be releasing a new album Living With War next week . NEIL YOUNG – Living With War Interview with him on youtube streaming video online: and an article:

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