song ~ “Holy Dirt” by Steve Schalchlin

With me mentioning the new songs of war and politics by Neil Young and by Pink with The Indigo Girls I want to share this one too. My friend Steve Scalchlin wrote in his online diary, Living in the Bonusround: “Musical Insurgency” (dated December 18-20, 2004). In an entry called The World of The Song …

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welcome Linus!

email from Noel this morning: There is a new member of the family. I finally got around to adopting a cat. His name is Linus. He’s 2 years old and he’s currently adjusting to his new home by hiding in the closet. I’ve attached a picture.

“Dear Mr. President” by Pink and The The Indigo Girls

Here is a great new song for our times “Dear Mr. President” by Pink ~ sung live with the Indigo Girls on Pink’s new album, I’m Not Dead. See the online video of the song in concert here: and read the lyrics here:

Neil Young “Living With War”

In the past Neil Young supported Mr. Bush. He is now against the war, speaking out and will be releasing a new album Living With War next week . NEIL YOUNG – Living With War Interview with him on youtube streaming video online: and an article:

Immigration Reform, Scary times and Welcome to my Blog

There is a quote by actor-comedian George Lopez in the April 24th, 2006 article Stars don’t come out for this fight about USA immigration reform: “I agree with them (Hispanic advocates) in saying we should get involved,” Lopez told The Associated Press. “I think the thing that frightens Hollywood right now is it’s such a …

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