Sasha Cohen (comedian) as gay Austrian

We went to see Borat after dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s not the kind of movie I usually enjoy. I cringed and laughed through it. Borat is actually English comedian Sasha Cohen in real life. My friend Carolyn Wagner sent me this today. It’s Sasha Cohen playing Bruno, an Austrian gay reporter, interviewing the pastor of …

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“Cool By Default” a great new music video by Steve Schalchlin ~ and a rave theater review of Jim Brochu’s “Zero Hour” in The Los Angeles Times

When the rest of the world is so damn lame that you end up cool by default. Cool By Default a great new music video by my friend Steve Schalchlin ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Steve’s partner Jim Brochu wrote and is performing in a new play “Zero Hour”. Check out this rave theater review in the Los Angeles …

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‘Ithaca 50′ will be heard in New York’s highest court today

Jason Seymour, Steve Schalchlin and Jason Hungerfordin a warm hug on a beautiful day in Washington DCduring the Millennium March for Pride week 2000. We were & are involved in Youth Guardian Setviceswhich was launched by Jason Hungerford in January 1997. ********** ‘Ithaca 50′ will be heard in New York’s highest court todayMay 31, 2006 …

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