“Cool By Default” a great new music video by Steve Schalchlin ~ and a rave theater review of Jim Brochu’s “Zero Hour” in The Los Angeles Times

When the rest of the world is so damn lame that you end up cool by default.

Cool By Default a great new music video by my friend Steve Schalchlin


Steve’s partner Jim Brochu wrote and is performing in a new play “Zero Hour”.

Check out this rave theater review in the Los Angeles Times:

*Jim Brochu’s striking resemblance to Zero Mostel enhances his portrayal of the late actor in “Zero Hour.”


Teenage Jim Brochu met Zero Mostel while visiting a friend backstage at “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” They became friendly during the show’s run, but when Brochu asked for Mostel’s autographed picture some years later, the famously temperamental star screamed “You’re not worthy!” Years later, Mostel came to see Brochu, then a professional actor himself, in a show. When Brochu returned to his dressing room, he found an envelope. Inside was an autographed picture of Mostel.

That picture can be seen in the program of “Zero Hour,” Brochu’s one-man show at the Egyptian Arena Theatre. By reports, Mostel was a mass of contradictions who vacillated between the explosive and the tender-hearted. Presented by the West Coast Jewish Theatre and directed by Paul Kreppel, “Hour” captures Mostel’s rich contradictions in a loving but unvarnished homage as entertaining as the man himself.

Read the whole review: In ‘Zero,’ a legend incarnate by F. Kathleen Foley ~ July 14, 2006

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