Jay Smooth: Michael Jackson – Dance You Into The Sunlight

I haven’t posted in a while. Been really busy with work and various and sundry things. I haven’t said anything here about the death and life of Michael Jackson. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and a lot of frustrations about the media hype. Then today I finally had a chance to listen to Jay …

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“Yes We Can” – The George Carlin Remix – by Jay Smooth

Thank you Jay for this excellent homage to the great George Carlin and his commentary on censorship and growing old: For the great one. One of the biggest influences on my understanding of everything, and his legendary “7 dirty words” court case happened at the radio station where I’ve spent half my life. One of …

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Wow! Jay Smooth: How To Tell People They Sound Racist

Please watch How To Tell People They Sound Racist – a brilliant July 21, 2008 podcast by Jay Smooth, host of WBAI’s Underground Railroad in New York City. He is a blogger at hiphopmusic.com and the creator of the video podcast ill Doctrine. Thanks to Bil Browning at The Bilerico Project for posting it there. …

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