A bit of a rant

There are some things I wanted to point out because of things I heard on the news today.

One was on the news on television this morning. I think it was someone on Good Morning America but I don’t know who the man was who was speaking.

Anyway, he was talking about Barack Obama’s speech yesterday A More Perfect Union in Philadelphia, PA about race and politics in America. By the way, it was a great speech.

So the guy said something to the effect that what Barack Obama said was geared for upper class people, and that working class people probably wouldn’t understand it.

Hello?! The amount of money a person has, their education level, the job they do, the place they live in, etc. has NOTHING to do with it. Working class people and poor people can be just as savvy, astute and able to ‘get it’ – if not more so. What you said was insulting whomever you are.


Another thing, again it was on the morning news today, this time on a radio station and I don’t know who was speaking. But its something I have heard a lot.

The comment was that some people have been against this war since the day we invaded Iraq five years ago today. Well, there were many of us who were against this action long before that and said something about it.

Here is a good article on the good that comes from dissent: Advise and Dissent – How anti-war protest movements have made the U.S. stronger.
by David Greenberg
~ Slate ~ March 26, 2003


One more bone to pick – still. I’m really tired of hearing news folks saying things like, “There were anti-war protesters on one side, and across the street were people who support the troops.”

Being against the war does not mean we don’t support the troops.

Hello again?! We support the troops. We want them home safe, out of this illegal horrid action.

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