Veterans for Peace to Host Peace Rally in Olympia on Saturday morning



Date: 3/17/08

Dennis Mills at 360. 867.1487 – Email:
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Veterans for Peace to Host Peace Rally

Olympia, WA – To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the bombing of Baghdad, Veterans for Peace Chapter 109 will host a rally in downtown Olympia to demonstrate the community’s frustration with the ongoing war, occupation and U.S. casualties, which are nearing 4,000. “Each new death of a soldier or civilian was some mother’s child.” – Dennis W. Mills, PhD – U.S. Army 1966-69.

Members of the community will gather from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon on Saturday March 22nd, from the 4th Avenue Bridge in Olympia down to Percival Landing, bearing signs and stories to share. Supported by Operation Democracy Olympia, Thurston County Progressive Network, and many other individuals, businesses and organizations, this family-friendly event will prove to be compelling.

“Support the troops, cut funding for the war, use the money to bring them home now, and take care of them when they get here!” a simply stated, but powerful summary of the purpose of the Veterans For Peace, which can be found on their website at

Donations for Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will be gratefully accepted.

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