Winter Soldiers on ‘Democracy Now’

The winter soldier testimony has been ignored by virtually all mainstream media.

It seems that a decision has been made that the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is now back-page news, and that dissent by Iraq war veterans against US occupation isn’t news at all.

However ‘Democracy Now’ is featuring the winter soldier testimony all week long.

US veterans gathered in Maryland this past weekend to testify at Winter Soldier, an eyewitness indictment of atrocities committed by US troops during the ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers spoke of free-fire zones, the shootings and beatings of innocent civilians, racism at the highest levels of the military, sexual harassment and assault within the military, and the torturing of prisoners. While the corporate media ignored the story, we broadcast their voices.

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Winter Soldier: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War

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