Alec’s heart

Wednesday, June 20
Alec was having some chest pain in the evening so Catherine and I took him to St. Peters hospital. After checking him out in the ER they decided to admit him for observation, and planned to do a nuclear stress test in the morning. We hoped they would find that it was because he has been off the Nitro patch for about 2 weeks and nothing more.

Thursday, June 21
They did the test in the morning. He didn’t have to walk a treadmill because they induced it (the stress) with chemicals (some drug). The nurse told me that they would get him some food between the two sets of tests. But they didn’t. And they had a lot of people there to be tested so the two hour test was more like four. He was hungry when he got back to his room!

The cardiologist said the pictures from the stress test were fantastic.

Then they said they were going to discharge him but the doc didn’t sign him out right away. We waited for a couple of hours then the nurse found out it would be closer to six when he could get over to sign him out. (We think he forgot and went back to his office.)

So Catherine took me home and I watered the garden and washed some dishes. Oh and I played with the cat. Then Alec called about 5 and we went and sprung him from the hospital.

He is home now and no pain. Yay!

He’s on a generic slow-release Nitro tablet (at $5 a month) instead of the patch (at $39 a month). He sees the cardiologist in a month to see if they want him on the pill or the patch or what.

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