Low tides expose a marine wonderland

South Sound teems with weird, interesting animals, but many hide in the depths most of the year. That changes this week, as extremely low tides will expose parts of South Sound usually underwater. The extreme low — and high — tides happen each year as the summer solstice approaches. This year’s solstice is June 21. The next few days, especially the weekend, will have low tides in the middle of the day, offering residents a chance to take a walk on the weird side of South Sound.

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by Chester Allen ~ The Olympian ~ June 13, 2007


Tides roll back to reveal critters of the sea

Outdoors reporter Chester Allen visits Burfoot County Park and discovers an assortment of underwater creatures thanks to the lowest tides of the year this week.

Though the shore is proving to be a prime end-of-the-school-year field trip destination for many area schools, Lisa Bahrt took her family to go digging for geoducks. And Brian McGuire brought his son Dayton, 5, to collect crabs.

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by April Chan/The Olympian

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