Yes, today is Bill’s birthday.

If he were still alive Bill would be 30 years old today.


That birthday was 10,957 days ago.

We had him with us for 6375 days.
And then he committed suicide 12 years, 6 months, 15 days ago.
So now we have been living without him for
4582 days.

Maybe doing numbers on this is a little weird. So be it.

Bill will always be seventeen, and sometimes act like a twelve year old imp.

He will always love Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Green Day, Dire Straits, Enya, Robbie Robertson … and Mozart.

We will always wonder who he would be if he had not ended his life all those suns and moons ago.

And who we would be if he was still with us.

The odd thing is at this point I can’t imagine.

By the way, Alec and I are working on a book version of Bill’s story. We hope to publish it in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Yes, today is Bill’s birthday.”

  1. Wow.

    Though I never got the chance to know Bill personally, I know that he would be proud to have such loving and wonderfully supportive parents.

    Happy Birthday to Bill. Hugs to his parents.

  2. Hi.. just sending some thought your way. I signed your guestbook back in 2008 under the name PNO Eros. I’m glad that you’re continuing to keep the story going, and good luck on your book!


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