I’m endorsing Dennis Kucinich for president and I believe he can win.

I joined the Green Party a while ago because I am not pleased with the Democratic Party in general. SO MANY Democrats are not standing up for what what is right.

I have absolutely nothing against having a woman president, but Hilary Clinton doesn’t impress me.

I have absolutely nothing against having a Black person as president but Barack Obama doesn’t impress me.

Dennis Kucinich does impress me and he has for a long time.

Want to know why? Read his websites pages on the issues. Then think about who I am and what I believe in.

I believe in voting for the person who best represents me. Dennis Kucinich is the one. And yes, I think he can win.

In spite of what mainstream politicians and mainstream media tell us, we are NOT the minority. Don’t let the media ignoring good people like Dennis Kucinich pull you into thinking you shouldn’t vote with your heart and mind.

Read this great 5 part series:
I No Longer Fear The Kucinich Revolution.

by Storm Bear,
creator of Town Called Dobson
Blue Life In Red America.

Please remember what you believe in and continue to act on it.
We can make the change happen that we know we ALL deserve.

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