An update on my ear …

I saw the surgeon at UW Medical Center last Friday and wanted to post something here for those of you who are waiting for news.

He said the MRI showed no tumor and I don’t need surgery. yay!

He said the tests showed a lot of scarring in my inner ear, probably due to all the surgeries… I said “What surgeries?” and he said he thought I must have had a lot of them as a kid. No. Oh, well then its scarring from the infections.

Anyway, the tests for balance show that of ‘the three legs of the balance stool’ which he explained as the inner ear, eyesight, and physical body such as legs – two of my three legs are out of whack – my inner ear because of that scarring, and my eyesight. I knew that the balance tests were checking my eyes among other things. As I have mentioned to friends the tests were odd almost like something almost out of Clockwork Orange.

So the thing now is that he said I need to get some physical therapy to retrain my brain not to be dizzy. I’m going to contact the local ear doc to find someone local so I don’t need to go to Seattle or Tacoma for that.

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