On Obama, Wright, and Race in America

My new friend Jackie, who has been commenting on my blog writes in her blog THINGS according to me:

When it comes to honesty about race, we Americans are experts at bandaging over wounds, plugging our ears, and avoiding the 3000 lb elephant in the room.


Rev. Wright is accused of racism. They had to sift through hundreds of hours of tape to find those angry emotional snippets. Monica and I have seen and heard dozens of his sermons and never saw any hint of racism. Far from it. We saw no sign of a crack pot or nut case or hate-monger either. His messages are full of hope and self determination and lots of humor. Wright is blatently honest and in your face and emotional and in the tradition of the Black church excitable. And there are those rare reckless statements. Absolutely.
Sometimes you vent with your family. Trinity Church is Wright’s family.
While I understand where Rev. Wright gets these particular attitudes, I don’t agree with them, anymore than Barack does.
Understanding is not agreeing.
I am not a Rev. Wright apologist nor will I cite his accomplishments in the areas of health, education, economics, youth or HIV/AIDS and GLBT issues in his community. I just hope people judge this man by his deeds, not by politically motivated snippets.
My litmus test is always GLBT issues.


I have personally heard many Jeremiah Wright sermons on this subject and he is very up front about how he feels about GLBT people in the world and in the church.

In a sermon Monica and I heard, he said “Some of these ministers try to shrink God down to the size of a tiny little shrimp and put him in a tiny little box and it stinks to high heaven. HPGB is all they want to do. That’s High Praising and Gay Bashing.”

Please read all of Jackie’s Obama, Wright, and Race in America

Thank you, Jackie.

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