the “Fuck housework” poster

I don’t often promote other people’s stuff, but Noel gave me this very special poster two years ago for Christmas and some people have asked about it.



Noel grew up seeing this photograph:

From left to right ~ there is my sister Mimi, a photographer from southern California who my mother tried to set me up with (!?), then there is my mom lighting a cigarette with a big red candle, and some young kid I don’t remember ~ and me in the light blue shirt with the funny haircut.


The house was being remodeled. It’s the one on Guerrero I mentioned in my blog entry on October 24th: My trip to California

Above our mom, on the mantle, is the poster. Her poster.



The image is a woman holding a broken broom. The words Women’s Liberation are written across her at the bottom.

It’s signed by Virtue Hathaway and dated 1971. The photograph was taken about then which makes me around 18 years old.

Now here it is in our house in Olympia, Washington:

I have had some people ask me about it. Noel searched online and found it for me which is very cool.  🙂 The artist is Shirley Boccaccio (alias Virtue Hathaway) who was then living in Mexico.  It is signed by Shirley. 

Update on May 24, 2023: 
Since I have been contacted by many people who want to buy the poster, I have done my best to keep the current way to do that. 

As you will see below, the artist Shirley Boccaccio (Virtue Hathaway) had leukemia and passed away in her sleep at her ranch on June 30, 2019. Because I hear from many people who are interested in buying the poster, I have included this here so people won’t miss how to do that.

Now Shirley’s granddaughter, Justine Parker, is handling sales of the poster. She told me today:

Each unsigned poster is $35 + shipping.
She also has signed posters by her grandma @ $100 +shipping which is usually $10.00.

Contact Justine:
Cell/text: (979) 599-0329 / or +52 3332588618 when she is in Mexico.
Email address: 

—————-  Here is the rest of this post and the comments on it: 

August 23, 2016

Dear Gabi:

I finally have oriented myself and want to thank you deeply for all the good things you say on your blog about my poster. I wrote you somewhere else on all this, it is a bit difficult since I have to come to town to use the internet as I don´t have it at home…and then they close at 2:00 in the afternoon so I have to move fast.

I want to attach a photo of my novel, Buying the Ranch and some text describing it. If you could be so kind as to mention it, it is available on Amazon but they do NO promotion. Any efforts you may make will be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much.
Shirley (Virtue)


BUYING THE RANCH – Book I, Facing Real Life

by Virtue Hathaway

Recently issued and available through AMAZON books:

 This is the first in a series of four books, tracing the evolution of a young woman of the mid-20th century from cheerleader to radical feminist in a form entertaining, erotic and enlightening.  The story follows Joanna’s dramatic journey of self-realization.  Struggling to live her life she finds she must face the reality of the rules society lays down in order for women to “fit in”, play the game and ultimately survive, let alone be able to create meaningful change in the life around her.

“A well-planned, intricate plot
that takes the reader on their own dramatic journey of self-discovery.”  Lief Carlson, Vallarta

Gabi here again. I haven’t read it yet but here it is:
Buying the Ranch: Facing Real Life (Volume 1) Paperback – August 5, 2016



by Virtue Hathaway

March 2, 2021
Shirley Boccaccio (Virtue Hathaway) had leukemia, and she passed away in her sleep at her ranch on June 30, 2019. These are photos of her tombstone sent to me by her daughter Penelope on March 2, 2021:

Don’t cut the trees
don’t kill the bees.
Don’t eat your wife
you will lose your life.
Love Mother Nature
for all She’s worth.
And help take care
of this beautiful Earth.

Shirley Jean Boccaccio
7 de Febrero, 1935        30 de Junio, 2019

The statement on her tombstone was dictated by Shirley for it a week before she died. 


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  1. Shirley Boccaccio was a friend of my folks many years ago. I love her work, and have one of her original oils on my livingroom wall.

    Thanks for the information on how to get one of those posters!

    • Hi…….Do your parents have news of Shirley or where she lives now? Would love to hear of her. Way back in 1961 I met Shirley in Mexico City. and we traveled a bit together in her red convertible with her dog Zim. She had driven down from Ca. to stay w/ relatives and contemplate her divorce.

  2. In 1974 Shirley Boccacio wrote a piece in Feminist Art Journal (reprinted the next year in Feminist Revolution by the Redstockings Collective) called “The Housework Poster Rip-Off.” It describes hoe the FH poster was stolen by Personality Posters in NY and her attempts to get her rights recognized in the face of arrogant corporados, a hostile judge and self-absorbed “leftist” lawyer. At that time the final outcome was still pending (the legal stuff was done but the street verdict was not yet in). I am delighted that her daughter is the source for the poster currently. If your blood pressure is too low, look up the article! (Feminist Revolution is still available through Redstocking’s we site.)

  3. I happened to find my old poster recently. I bought it in San Francisco in the early 70’s. I now have up on the wall in my laundry room. I remember it was pretty rebelious at the time. (I’m sure that’s why I wanted it!)
    We didn’t have the world wide web back then. I think it’s amazing you can go on line and find these old classics. Later!

  4. my mom has always had this poster – and I’ve loved it since I was a kid! I’ve been looking for a way to get my hands on my own copy — thanks!

  5. Got out of the USMC in 1971, honorably discharged after two court martials, went home to Oregon, said screw it to the world, married a hippie girl, and acquired this poster.

    Over the years… We moved to chase money in CA, The poster got lost, we grew apart and ultimately got divorced. After that I kind of led a Jimmy Buffett life that ran from AK to Belize, wound up staying in TX. Loved the music down here.

    Now here it is 2009, I found the poster again. I found my ex again, she is a good friend, and I am going back to Oregon.

    Except for the state of the environment life is good.

    Thank you, A 59 year old guitar playing hippie.

  6. I sent an email to the address you have listed for the poster and it was rejected. My family has had a copy of the poster since the early 1970's and I would really like a brand new one. Do you have new contact information for it? Please let me know
    Madeline Tucker

  7. Hi everyone! Shirley Boccaccio's daughter Penelope replied to me when I asked her for updated contact information for folks who want the poster. So Penelope wrote me:

    "Hi Gaby! Yes, the info needs to be updated.I have since moved back to Guadalajara, and my mother is on her ranch in Mascota, Jalisco. You can reach her @ My e-mail address is"

  8. I had this poster on my wall at my very first house I owned back in the 80s. I wrote about it on my blog today. Just on a lark I decided to google the poster and there it is!

  9. hey there – i grew up with this poster in the pantry and finally after years as an adult with my pantry seeing incomplete I am on the look out for it, but when I emailed this address there was a permanent failure in the email. Any ideas?

  10. I received this poster from an old boss of mine a few years ago and to this day it is still hanging in my living room. I thought it was one of few but have found out otherwise. But none the less it is a great piece of art that I plan to hand down to my kids one day.

  11. I bought that poster at the Sisterhood Book Store in LA in 1973 and proudly had it hanging in my kitchen for at least 10 years. Thanks for the having these photos. It's nice to see it again.

  12. I've had mine since it came out in the seventies…I aquired it from my aunt & was too young at the time to have it. My mother kept it for me till I got my own place. It's been hanging in my livingroom ever since! Great conversation piece! And so much more!

  13. I grew up with that poster too! My mother promises it is "bequeathed" to me. I adore it and all the memories it holds for me, but I'm still trying to figure out where to hang it in my house since I live in a town population 600 and ALL of them church goers…hmmm…my bedroom? 😉

  14. PS…Please buy from the artist if you can because I've seen them for sale on the internet for $350 each and I guarantee the artist isn't seeing that money!

  15. I just acquired one from a friend of mine who passed away. We were friends for 36 years. I was 11 years old when I first saw the poster hanging in his kitchen in his condo in Miami. I babysat for his son. My friend passed away on 4/1/12 and I asked his son if I could please have the poster as he still had it and it was now hanging in his condo in Madeira Beach. His son was gracious enough to give it to me and that has so touched my heart but it is just not in great shape. Not only did he have this one, but my friends son found another folded up in the filing cabinet. I am so happy to have this piece in my home as it meant so much to my friend.

  16. I got this poster when it first came out and had it hanging in all my homes as the years went by. So reminds me of my youth. It now hangs in my daughters home as she moves along. It is priceless to me.

  17. My mom has had this poster in our house for as long as I can remember. (I was born in 1971). I just bought a new house and would love one for my house. Have people had luck sending in money to Wells Fargo and receiving the poster lately? Thanks!!

  18. I ordered mine from the Wells Fargo address back in 2012 and I can confirm the transaction went fine.

    I FINALLY got a frame for my copy and hung it up. I posted a picture on Facebook and now everyone wants to know where it came from.

    Shirley should be getting a few orders from my friends 🙂

  19. My mother has had this in our house for as long as I can remember! When I was learning how to read, she told me it said "Yuck Housework," and it wasn't until I was a teenager when I took another look at it and realized just what it said! Ha! I was online trying to find the poster to give to my bff who is getting married this summer…i didn't realize how much this poster means to so many people! True treasure.

  20. This beautiful poster hung in my parents kitchen for over thirty years. A year after Mom died, Dad sold the house and I got the poster. It was disintegrating, but my magical framer was able to salvage almost all of it. It is now preserved under glass and frame, hanging in my kitchen for my daughter to inherit. Whenever I look at the poster I smile! It brings back so many memories of events in my folks kitchen!! I had no idea it was so popular (still) until I decided to find out more about the artist. Thank you Gabi, for posting about this wonderful poster. Thank you Ms. Boccaccio, for creating something (beautiful art) that transcends generations.
    Sincerely, dks

  21. My mom had this poster over the washing machine my whole life. When she diedown, my sister got it, but this year for Christmas she bought them for the rest of us! I had no idea that so many people loved it, too! Thanks for sharing the info.

  22. I have owned this poster since early 70s when I purchased it at Harvard Coop. I framed it and it has always hung in laundry rooms in various places where I have lived. It is admired by many guests and always makes me smile, "Right on, woman!"

  23. This poster; in a MUCH larger version saying, "Screw Housework", hung in our kitchen when I was a child. It must have been the stolen one…:( After my parents divorced, this was the only piece of art that disappeared. All other artwork collected by my parents is still around. I have been looking for the poster for >25yrs and thank you so much for publicizing how to get it…especially since it is the real one…:)

    I will be buying one for all of us kids!

  24. Is this still available? Mom had it on the side of the fridge for years, it was laminated even. One of my friends wasnt allowed to come over to my house back in the day because her rather straight laced mother did not approve. My mom was definitely an early adopter of the idea that liberation was for everyone, and her involvements and beliefs impressed upon me greatly. Today would have been her 85th birthday had she had the privilege of old age. And I would like to give one to my sister because she loved it too. Please let me know. Thanks! – Sisterhood is Still Powerful

  25. I sent the following to a person who gave the poster a positive review but, was a bit uncomfortable about the use of the “F” word:

    Not sure if you are the person who apologized for the use of the “F” word but, please don’t. I was Shirley’s neighbor/family friend for many years and I promise she would never apologize for its use. I did cringe a bit at the time too. The word was not flowing from everyone’s mouth quite as freely as it is now. That is what made it so “shocking” and effective. She also used it on the “Fuck Office Work” poster. The total illustration- boarders, lettering and beautiful woman, (who reminded me of Shirley herself) were done free-hand – right from her heart to the pen onto paper. If you wish to see more of her fantastic illustrations, please look for her delightful “Penelope” series of children’s books. Along with the text, she combines, illustrations and photographs of her children (all feminists of course) – Penelope, Peter and Charlie Boy – on their adventures to save the planet from the establishment, etc.
    The world lost Shirley in 2019. I received photos of her tombstone from my sister-in-law last week. Her children posted it on Facebook – it is lovely and a bit quirky – as was the woman it honors.

  26. March 2, 2021

    Hi everyone,

    I just posted the most current information about how to purchase the “Fuck Housework” poster at the end of the post so ignore any outdated information in these comments.
    If you don’t want to scroll back up, here it is:

    Shirley Boccaccio (Virtue Hathaway) had leukemia, and she passed away in her sleep at her ranch on June 30, 2019.

    Update May 24, 2023

    Shirley’s granddaughter, Justine Parker, is handling sales of the poster. She told me on 05-24-2023:

    Each unsigned poster is $35 + shipping.
    She also has signed posters by her grandma @ $100 +shipping which is usually $10.00.

    Contact Justine:
    Cell/text: (979) 599-0329 — or +52 3332588618 when she is in Mexico.
    Email address:


  27. Here it is almost Christmas 2022, and I was looking for the copy of FH poster given me in 1987 as a housewarming present when I bought my first home. I found it among my old photos, in rather abused shape… I was looking for a replacement. I’m STILL avoiding housework as I age!
    Just where would I go to purchase a replacement to benefit the heirs of its creator?
    Thank you for a reply…..BJ

    • Hi BJ,

      The last information I have (March 2, 2021) is that the artist Shirley Boccaccio (Virtue Hathaway)’s granddaughter, Justine Parker, is handling sales of the “Fuck Housework” poster now and she can be reached at (979) 599-0329.

      I hope that works.

      Gabi Clayton


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