A petition for mental health professionals

Therapists for Social Responsibility has created an online petition calling on our public leaders to support policies, legislation and programs that reflect the core principles and values of the mental health profession and to oppose those that do not. I signed it. Read and sign the petition:A Call To Public Leaders To Enact Policies, Legislation …

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Article: How Teenage Rebellion Has Become a Mental Illness

Big pharma has some new customers. Not complying with authority is now, in many cases, labeled a disease. While there are several reasons for behavioral disruptiveness and emotional difficulties, rebellion against an oppressive environment is one common reason that is routinely not even considered by many mental health professionals. Why? It is my experience that …

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War and the Soul – a workshop I’m taking in Seattle

War and the Soul: Healing Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Friday, February 8th at Antioch College in Seattle This workshop helps mental health professionals explore the inner world of combat and the universal dimensions of veterans’ wounding as revealed through history, archetypal psychology and cross-cultural perspectives. Participants learn about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder as an identity disorder and …

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