Sorry I’ve been so quiet.

Hi everyone. I am sorry I haven’t posted for a while and I am way behind on answering some of my email.

I’m okay. I was/am dealing with some health stuff that slowed me down after the last grand mal seizure which was a month ago today on July 15th.

I finally got the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy that I have expected for over a year. That is a kind of nerve damage. It’s probably connected to my diabetes but he is running some tests to rule out other causes. It’s affecting my feet a lot and it’s worse at night. It’s weird to have pain and numbness at the same time. I think I have it in my hands a little too. I’m now taking meds for that which hopefully will stop the pain, but my neurologist told me it won’t fix the nerve damage.

The good news is that when I saw the sleep doctor last week he agreed that what he thought might be “restless leg syndrome” after my sleep study was the neuropathy. And he said that the sleep apnea I have is so mild that I don’t need to be treated for that with one of those apnea machines — which my cats would have hated!

Anyway, I am back and trying to catch up.
Love to you all.

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