Some Help Needed in Olympia

Mickey Smith was a DJ on the show “Sister Sound” on KAOS Radio at The Evergreen State College.
She wrote:

Jeanice and I need some help. I am just about out of savings and my UI runs out in March. I am unemployed and have been for sometime. Please read and help us if you can.

  1. A job for Mickey would solve all. I am a certified special education teacher and a damn good one. If you know ANYONE who might be hiring please pass my info on.
  2. A roommate to share our spacious apartment would help a lot. We are two congenial lesbians and a cat, looking for a 3rd female. Please pass this on.
  3. Barring any help from the above two points, we will be needing a place to live. Your extra room would do, enough for us and the cat.

Please help us if you can.

Please contact me if you can help, and I’ll get you in touch with her.


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