Real Change in Seattle: Changes Them…Changes You

Real Change exists to create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty. Real Change’s groundbreaking advocacy and organizing work is building a cross-class movement of homeless people and their allies that can deliver real wins for those who need change the most. The Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project has many faces including a newspaper, an advocacy group, a homeless speakers bureau, and literary workshops and more.

Each month, more than 250 homeless and vulnerably housed vendors get a hand up to helping themselves by selling the Real Change weekly newspaper, a Seattle weekly activist publication with an ear to the street. The publication is sold by Seattle’s homeless, and helps them earn the money they need to get ahead. The Real Change readers are educated, socially-concerned, and loyal. They respect and depend upon the newspaper’s award-winning journalism for information about their community and how they can get involved and make a difference. The publication strives to create fairness, opportunity and community by covering issues that socially conscious people want to know about, from topics surrounding poor and homelessness, to stories about labor, the environment, public health and civil liberties (to name a few). See

Out of the Margins is a project developed in partnership between Real Change and the Seattle Public Library. This ongoing series of literary arts workshops aims to empower and build confidence through offering the underserved public access to educational and creative opportunities at the Seattle Public Library. Volunteers from the local arts community lead weekly workshops around activities from poetry and short stories to bookarts and drama. These workshops, while aimed at being safe and inviting for homeless and low-income individuals, are open to the entire Seattle Public Library community, thus creating a unique and inclusive space for dialogue and expression across unnecessarily divisive social boundaries. See

Watch these great videos:

Changes Them … Changes You

and Real Change in Seattle (from a NW Cable News report)

And read Apesma’s Lament ~ the blog of Tim Harris, Executive Director of Real Change.

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