A note from my husband Alec ~ his books are still available.

Dear friends,

I want to remind you that my books are still available for purchase, but the only way to buy them is either directly from me or online at http://www.alecclayton.com/writings.html

They are no longer available at bookstores. I know some of you meant to get copies but just haven’t got around to it yet … or you just don’t know what you’re missing. So please order yours now and send this along to friends who are book lovers.

Until the Dawn, a novel

“...a wise, wonderful, gritty and honest book,” Larry Johnson, Southern Quarterly.

“Stunning debut novel by a wise new voice in American fiction” -Dave Gantt, librarian, Washington, D.C., in a review on Amazon.com.

“…a wonderfully guilty pleasure – Becky Hendrick, author of Getting It: a Guide to Understanding and Appreciating Art.

Imprudent Zeal, a novel

“This book is the great circus train wreck that was America from the 1950s to the 1990s. The characters are complex emotionally and have depth. I enjoyed Alec Clayton’s second novel as much as the first (“Until the Dawn”) and look forward to his third. A tour de force of autobiographical fiction.” – Lew Hamburg, The Olympian.

As If Art Matters, essays and art criticism

“Alec Clayton has opened my eyes to the art world. He writes intelligently about art without using overblown art jargon.” – Ron Swarner, editor, Volcano

“Alec Clayton communicates about art in a thoughtful, personal manner providing context and commentary to artwork with a writing style that is accessible.” – Amy McBride, Public Arts Administrator


Alec Clayton Art and Writing: http://www.alecclayton.com


P.S. ~ Alec is looking for an agent and/or publisher for his books, and he also an amazing painter. Check out his website. ~ Gabi

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