Barbara Ehrenreich: How Banning Gay Marriage Will Destroy the Family

Someone has to say it: A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage will destroy the American family and all the sex-related “values” our brethren on the religious right hold so dear. And it will do so by creating an irresistible demand for a constitutional amendment banning heterosexual marriage.


Instead of bashing gays for their insidious “lifestyle,” the politicians will start beating up on them for their “special privileges” – the right to party all night until well into your fifties, the right to blow off a partner as soon as he or she starts carping about closet space, and so on. Straight young men will tire of trying to pass as gay as soon as the conversation turns to children. They’ll run into the streets shouting, “Freedom from marriage for all!”

Read the whole entry How Banning Gay Marriage Will Destroy the Family in the June 6, 2006 blog entry by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Her blogs entry page is at Barbara’s Blog. and her website is here.

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