Neurology update…

I went to see my neurologist Dr. Bell this morning and had the scheduled tests. It helped (a bit) that I had these tests on my feet/legs/knees before.

So I knew what was going to happen. I knew enough to seriously consider canceling the appointment. My sister said I was a wus. Maybe I should show my wussiness?

But I decided to go and get it done. This time the tests were on my hands/wrists/forarms/elbows.

First he did a nerve conduction study


And then he did electromyography (EMG) tests on the same poor parts of me.

Somewhat smaller OUCH!

Today he diagnosed:

  • Mild ulnar neuropathy at the elbow. I need to not put weight on my elbows, and I need to sleep with my arms straight even if I have to wrap them in towels held wrapped with bandages. This is in addition to the mild neuropathy in my hand and my feet/legs.


I go back to see him in three months.

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