My mother’s shoes and Danny Kaye

My mother had terrible feet — they were very flat – no arches. She wore Murray Space Shoes and swore that without them she would be crippled. Murrays would take a plaster cast of her feet then from the mold they would make the shoes.

I was always getting lectures from mom about taking care of my feet and not wearing shoes that would hurt them. I guess I listened to that. I can only remember one time wearing very short pump heels. It was in about 1971. I was in an all day training at a fancy hotel in downtown San Francisco and my feet were so blistered it was horrible!! On the way to my apartment riding the cable car I took my shoes off and held them up, offering them to anyone who wanted them. Some woman did, and after handing them to her I walked the 4-5 blocks or so to my apartment in my stockinged feet.

On an odd whim today I looked Murray Space Shoes up. Not only is the company still going but I found out Danny Kaye wore them too — and he had 44 pair! ! I loved Danny Kaye. See more about him in Wikipedia.

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