Jesus Camp – the movie / and The Daily Show : Jason Jones & the Gay Translator

See the video on “Jesus Camp” on YouTube, with a link from Huffington Post:
Kids At Jesus Camp Worship To Bush Picture
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also see Jesus Camp– the movie

and Kids in Ministry International



“Extreme liberals who look at this should be quaking in their boots,” declares Pastor Becky Fischer with jovial satisfaction in the riveting documentary “Jesus Camp.” Ms. Fischer, an evangelical Christian, helps run Kids on Fire, a summer camp in Devils Lake, N.D., that grooms children to be soldiers in “God’s army.”

A mountainous woman of indefatigable good cheer, Ms. Fischer makes no bones about her expectation that the growing evangelical movement in the United States will one day end the constitutional ban separating church and state. And as the movie explores her highly effective methods of mobilizing God’s army, that expectation seems reasonable.


The great unanswered question is what will happen to these poised, attractive children when their hormones kick in and they venture beyond their sheltered home and church environments.

Read all of Children’s Boot Camp for the Culture Wars by Stephen Holden ~ The New York Times ~ September 22, 2006


The Daily Show: Jason Jones & the Gay Translator

Jason Jones examines the “dangers” of allowing “the gays” to be in the military.

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  1. just saw Jesus Camp; i appreciate that the makers of this movie let the people interviewed do all the talking; over all, there is some useful truth in this flick as long as it’s taken with a grain (or maybe a bucket) of salt


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