A Mile of Flags ~ by Cindy Sheehan

Gerald Ford is dead. Every time I get a chance to turn on the TV, I am incessantly reminded of this fact.

His body is lying in state on the same structure that has held up every dead president’s body since Abraham Lincoln. His widow constantly has a military honor guard to support her, sometimes even physically. The flag-draped coffin is never left alone: There is always a military presence there to guard and honor the body. We have seen Ford’s flag-draped coffin entering and exiting planes and cars. The tradition can be quite moving at times, but, to me, also quite frustrating and gut-wrenching.


On December 31st, our 3,000th child was killed for the lies of another president. While Gerald Ford lies in state, our 3,000th troop will be brought home on his final airplane flight in the cargo area. This fine young example of humanity will be sneaked into the US as if he, and not his commander in chief, were a criminal. His family will be left to mourn alone, and his body will not be guarded night and day. After the funeral (which Bloody George will not attend), he will be forgotten by the country that sent him to die in a war that is as corrupt as the day is long, but his family will never be able to recover from his loss.

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from Gabi:

They keep talking on television now about how Gerald Ford made the right deision when he pardoned Nixon for Watergate. I didn’t agree then and I still don’t. Nixon should have gone to prison. It sent a message that presidents and other politicians were above the law. That is bulllshit. Just as I think what George Walker Bush and his cohorts are doing in Iraq. I believe they should go to prision for war crimes.

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