celebrity look-a-likes for my family :-)

I saw this on my friend Elliott’s blog and decided to try it – MyHeritage.com has a cool demo of face recognition. You upload a photo of yourself or family members and it will tell you in a few seconds which celebrity looks just like you ~ or who it thinks does…

So here am I:

and Alec:

and Noel:

Noel again:

and here is Bill:

one more of Bill:

1 thought on “celebrity look-a-likes for my family :-)”

  1. This is fun isn’t it Gabi.

    It’s interesting that both Bill and Noel came out with Rachel Weisz. I thought that your sons looked similar to each other and the software obviously agrees.

    Bill and I both look similar to Jared Padalecki, yippee! 😉 He’s a cute actor.

    I wonder if you got Alec to put on a long grey wig whether you’d get a trio of characters from Lord of The Rings, you as Aragorn, Alec as Gandalf and Noel as Legolas. 🙂


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