Mark Morford: Greetings from “the angry left”

Hey, peeved hippie! Stop your hatin’ and learn to love the (McCain) bomb!

Aww, just look at you. You seem a little upset. A mite peeved, even.

Heck on a hot pancake, I’d even go so far as to say you were downright angry, given how I can see the ripples of general upsettedness and waves of appalledosity coursing through your hot liberal body like fresh biodiesel through a converted VW van. Really now, that can’t be good for your chakras, can it?

What’s wrong, buttercup? Right-wing politics got you down? RNC ’08 making you gag? Toxic and inexcusable events of the past eight years make you deeply sick to your stomach, spleen, heart, mind, spirit and even your kneecaps? Or is it the wretched notion that the bizarro-world McCain-Palin agenda wants to continue more of the same?

Or maybe it’s this: Maybe it’s all this terrifying new evidence that there still seems to be this huge pile of Americans who aren’t all that concerned with — or even aware of — just how violently the GOP continues to dump all over their very heads. Is that what’s making your blood boil? Aww, there, there, now.

Read: Greetings from “the angry left”
Notes & Errata ~ by Mark Morford ~ San Francisco Chronicle Columnist ~ Friday, September 5, 2008

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