Mark Morford column: Notes and Errata ~ Is Your Fetus A Republican?

Soon, DNA testing will tell if your baby is gay. Or smart. Or the next George Bush. Ready?


Here are but a few of the imminent questions: What would you do if you knew your unborn child was, without doubt, destined to be gay? Or what if you knew your unborn had all the DNA markings of, say, a drug addict? How about if you knew he was genetically predisposed toward becoming, oh, a severe Republican, one with, say, a vicious hate-filled talk-radio show somewhere in the Deep South that ranted about war and gays and uppity wimmin and the need for more prisons and guns in the schools?

Would you celebrate? Would you scream? Would you abort? Would you call Fox News and demand your own reality show? Or would you immediately seek medical treatment to turn that hapless helpless bundle of goo and tissue and possibility into a nice straitlaced bland-as-milk moderate Democrat with a thing for gardening and the missionary position and tepid travel magazines?

Read Is Your Fetus A Republican?
by Mark Morford ~ SF Gate Columnist ~ March 23, 2007

and on that subject, see The Twilight of the Golds – a 1997 Showtime film based on a play by Jonathan Tolins. The story is set in a time when parents might be able to have a genetic test to see if an unborn child was likely to be gay or lesbian, and what choice the parents would face if they had the test done. It deals with those questions in some probing, challenging and sensitive ways.

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