Like to read novels? Good news!

A message from Alec:

My first novel, UNTIL THE DAWN, is now being serialized on the new website The Daily Novel.

A chapter a day will be posted on the site, and you don’t have to buy the book to read it. That’s right, it’s free. If you’ve already read it, tell your friends. The plan is that after the entire book has been posted it will be made available as a pdf file you can download for a minimum charge.

This is a brand new online venture. If they’re successful, they will follow up with some of my other books.

I hope this will stimulate sales of my actual printed books — you know, the kind you hold in your hand that has paper and is bound and has a cover — which are available on or (autographed) directly from me.


Check it out and enjoy!
Let us know what you think.

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