If it’s not racism then what is it?

Jerry Falwell said America had 9/11 coming because we tolerated gays, feminists and liberals. It was our fault. Our chickens had come home to roost, if you will. John McCain proudly received his support and even spoke at his university’s commencement.

Reverend John Hagee has called the Catholic Church the “Great Whore.” He has said that the Anti-Christ will rise out of the European Union (of course, the Anti-Christ will also be Jewish). He has said all Muslims are trained to kill and will be part of the devil’s army when Armageddon comes (which he hopes is soon). John McCain continues to say he is proud of Reverend Hagee’s endorsement.

Reverend Rod Parsley believes America was founded to destroy Islam. Since this is such an outlandish claim, I have to add for the record, that he is not kidding. Reverend Parsley says Islam is an “anti-Christ religion” brought down from a “demon spirit.” Of course, we are in a war against all Muslims, including presumably Muslim-Americans. Buts since Parsley believes this is a Christian nation and that it should be run as a theocracy, he is not very concerned what Muslim-Americans think.

John McCain says Reverend Rod Parsley is his “spiritual guide.”


What separates all of these outrageous preachers from Barack Obama’s? You guessed it.

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Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks ~ March 19, 2008 ~ The Huffington Post

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  1. I truly miss real journalism, real newspeople. Yes it’s racism, for sure. But more than that it’s troubling that our “news” people are all so one sided and involved in shaping opinions instead of fair reporting and objective investigating. This is America’s greatest threat to freedom. But, your point that it is racism regarding Obama’s preacher, is on the money.


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