The Cure at Troy

Alec and I saw some more great theater last week when we were up in Seattle. He wrote:

The Seattle Repertory Theatre’s performance of “The Cure at Troy” is absolutely amazing. It is a retelling of an ancient and little known Greek play by Sophocles written by Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney and directed by Tina Landau.

Read The Cure at Troy by Alec Clayton on his blog, South Sound Arts etc.

And check out this cool publication of Seattle Repertory Theatre
, OffBook: The Cure at Troy (PDF format)

April 23, 2008 ~ from Seattle Rep:

So…what did you think?

We went down to the lobby last night and asked people what they thought of the show. I’m not lying when I say that all the comments were really positive: I didn’t edit any negative things out. And they came from both men and women from high school age on up, which is surprising considering this is a totally unique and different show with crazy singing, a giant mountain for a set and bare-chested men bathing in an on-stage mud pool. Oh yeah, and it also happens to be an adaptation Greek myth.

Watch So…what did you think? video on Seattle Rep’s MySpace.

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