Happy anniversary Colette!

Colette Beighley grew up in the San Francisco Bay area (where I came of age) and she now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and works as the West Michigan Field Organizer for Triangle Foundation, a terrific organization that Carolyn Wagner introduced me to.

Read two of her recent bloggings to see why I admire her.

The Journey from Fear to Fearlessness

Finding Jeremy

I am pleased to be able to count Colette as one of my friends.

Colette’s blog: Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Gay

1 thought on “Happy anniversary Colette!”

  1. Gabi,

    Thank you. It has really been an honor to get to know you and hear your family’s story. Thank you also for the way you were there for our community after we lost Ian.

    Your light shines brightly — all the way across the country!

    Keep up the good work, California Girl!

    Love ya,



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