Christmas and a health update.

Noel and Catherine and Linus (Noel’s cat) were here for Christmas. It was a good day.

Yesterday we drove up to Seattle with Noel and Linus back to Noel’s place and then Noel went with Alec and me to the UW Medical Center.

So I saw the doctors and they said the infection looks like its cleared up in my ear. The surgeon said my ear looks ‘normal’ – whatever that is.

They explained that the infection(s) did some damage – the wind sound I hear is a type of tinnitus (other people hear it as a ringing sound). Its possible that there is a small tumor – but if so he said they are almost always benign. They are called cholesteatoma and they said its treatable if thats what it is.

That may be causing this wobbly seasick feeling.

I go back February 1st for another MRI and a balance test. Then another consult with the docs on February 7th.

They said I may need physical therapy to treat the problems caused by the damage. But no surgery – yeah! At least not so far.

So we’ll see.

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