H. Alexander Robinson of National Black Justice Coalition Responds to the Sen. Larry Craig Restroom Incident

Here is a good article about this incident and the issues it raises on The Bilerico Project website:

Sen. Larry Craig’s recent sexual restroom exploits have given the American community an unexpected but valuable teachable moment that should be embraced and further understood.

Instead of running from the tabloid fodder, late night talk show jokes, and Sunday morning sermons that will undoubtedly come from this incident; the LGBT community should instead embrace Sen. Craig’s gay sex solicitation incident as an opportunity to talk candidly and knowledgeably about the fluidity of sexuality and its effects upon gay identity and gay sexual orientation.

There are four vital lessons that can be learned from Sen. Craig’s situation, each of which flies in the face of conventional wisdom and understanding of sexuality.

Read the article:
NBJC Responds to Sen. Larry Craig Restroom Incident

Filed by: H. Alexander Robinson ~ August 29, 2007 5:38 PM

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